Diploma in Business Administra...

Diploma in Business Administration

The Diploma In Business Administration (DBA) is an exciting and innovative programme that provides a solid foundation in the various areas of business management and offers excellent job opportunities in a variety of business discipline as well as the opportunity to progress to further your studies. Upon completion of the DBA, you will be able

  • To have a holistic understanding of the key functional areas that drives a business enterprise.
  • To write good reports and make excellent presentations.
  • To market product and services effectively.
  • To be an excellent team player and support top management to achieve organizational goals.
  • To have a broad-based business qualification that will open many specialized career options for you to pursue.

Entry requirement


Career Opportunities

As a DBA graduate, you may undertake to do a wide range of jobs in functional areas such as Human Resources, Administration, Accounting or Marketing. Types of jobs you can apply includes:

  • HR Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Administrative Executive
  • Operation Executive
  • Accounts Officer
  • Logistic Administrator
  • Bank Officer
  • Mortgage Banker
  • Airport Executive
  • Real Estate Executive

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