Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Accounting

“Malaysia needs 63,000 accountants by 2015.Whether during good times or bad times, accountants are always in demand. Whether it is small firms or big conglomerates, accountants are always required”

About the Programme

The aim of this course is

  • To provide a clear pathway to become a Chartered Accountant.
  • To produce qualified accounting technicians who assist Chartered Accountants to get their job done.

Many qualified accountants move on to occupy top management posts including that of the President/CEO of public listed companies, GLCs and private sector firms.

Diploma to Degree Programme (DDP)

DIA graduates can progress to the second year of BA (Hons) in Accounting which prepares you to become a Chartered or Certified Public Accountant.


Malaysia is facing a shortage of qualified accounting professionals. That is why pursuing a career in accounting is a wise decision. DIA graduates can aim to work as assistant accountants, accounting technicians, tax assistants, audit officers etc.



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